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We are Gilley, Dandurand & Summerfield Law Group LLP and we know that a DUI can significantly affect your life, so we want to assist you.

A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) arrest can be an unexpected and potentially embarrassing situation. When faced with a DUI, it is normal for someone to wonder what is going to happen next. How will a DUI affect my job, my license, and my life? These are all natural concerns. After all, drunk driving is a politically and emotionally charged crime, and even first time offenders can face significant criminal penalties.

GDS wants to help, so that’s why we offer a free case consultation so you can understand the consequences and courses of action necessary prior to making any final commitments.

How a DUI/OWI can affect your life

  • Driver’s license revocation
  • Can show up in a background check for future employment, college admissions, or even landlords
  • Employment
  • Car insurance rates
  • Financially
  • Personal and/or professional relationships

Why choose GDS to represent you in your DUI/OWI case

  • Several of the attorneys are former prosecutors and their partners have educated law enforcement officers on DUI law and nuances of DUI prosecution
  • GDS attorneys have personally handled DUI cases stemming from sobriety checkpoints to Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death.
  • Our attorneys have the experience to evaluate the detailed circumstances surrounding your case
  • Know how to challenge evidence, if so needed

Whether this is your first OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) arrest and are seeking a title 12 deferral, or you have been convicted of OWI in the past, the attorney that you choose has a significant impact on what happens to you, your license and even your job. GDS Law Group understands that a single mistake should not define who you are. And having been prosecutors that have convicted individuals of drunk driving, we understand what the Government will do to obtain your conviction.

Shouldn’t you have that knowledge on your side? Get the answers to the questions you may have by calling for a free consultation at 844.247.9467. Service areas include Anderson, Noblesville, Kokomo, Muncie, Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Richmond and more.

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